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Styrofoam ball in the promotion of township enterprises

   With the development of chemical industry, styrofoam ball turned from the use as packaging material, disposable tableware and other market more promising field of building insulation materials. After the defoaming waste polystyrene foam plastics adding a certain amount of low-boiling liquid modifiers, blowing agents, catalysts, stabilizers and the like, and heating up by...



Extruded sheet application Features - extruded polystyrene sheet prices

What is XPS?  Insulation boards made ??of several materials, such as: asbestos, polyurethane foam board, XPS board, and the like. XPS board extrusion means a direct way to produce out of the hard polystyrene foam board. XPS, and some other role in the housing plates and other construction and engineering fields is the thermal insulation. In addition, XPS can also be applied in...


Waste plastic recycling system "Situation and Countermeasures"

   Due to the extensive use of plastics and good performance, plastic and steel, timber, cement form the four basic materials of modern industry, and promote the sustainable development of agriculture and industry and the rise of modern high-tech. The total amount of waste plastics was born is also rapid growth, the intensification of the contradiction between environment and...


Environmental awareness grew

With environmental awareness of recycling increasing, plastic bottle recycling industry gradually grow up only in 2012, HDPE plastic bottle US imports fell by 2 percentage points. At the same time, the export volume increased by the 71 million lbs 201 million lbs. In China, the annual production of 300 tons of plastic bottles, the annual consumption of 18 million tons of oil. If...



Chaos management of waste plastics recycling caused serious pollution to the environment

Waste plastics processing, recycling of renewable resources could have been a good thing, but without regulation and supervision, it will cause serious air pollution to land, rivers, and others. Environmental enforcement personnel said, all these years, they have to Peach Village of waste plastics recycling and processing points were a number of joint law enforcement...


Global General Purpose Polystyrene (GPPS) Market 2016 Industry Research

Market Report, entitled general purpose polystyrene (GPPS) market in 2016, is based on a market research study QY general purpose polystyrene (GPPS) market, competitive analysis framework for global general purpose polystyrene (GPPS) industry do an analysis the study. The report "Global general purpose polystyrene (GPPS) Market 2016" by the use of tools such methodical efficiency...


Experts recommended the establishment of waste plastics recycling subsidy mechanism as takeout junk flood

A take-away food, which contains in the general packaging materials? Reporters asked a network platform ordering takeout food that in addition to two or three plastic lunch boxes, one to two layers of plastic bags, there will be disposable chopsticks, plastic spoons, plastic and other soup cup. Chinese Association of renewable resources recycling plastics Branch Secretary Sheng ...


Plastics recycling business

  Less than 200 kilometers from Beijing, Hebei Dingzhou, use sandy wasteland to build renewable resource recycling processing center, hoping to use environmental methods to recover garbage in Beijing and Tianjing.   North (Dingzhou) renewable resources industrial base planned total area is 10,000 acres, with a total investment of 20 billion yuan, in two phases. An area of 4690...


Conn added packaging recycling project

  Connecticut recently joined Wrap Action Recycling Program, aimed at increasing employment opportunities for flexible film packaging and recycling of residents. The project is referred to as WRAP, by the American Chemical committee soft membrane recovery group founded.

  Connecticut Energy Robert Klee Commissioner and the Environmental Protection Agency said in a statement...


Profile properties and uses of polystyrene

  2000 World styrenic resin production capacity is about 20Mt / a, where polystyrene (GPPS, HIPS, EPS) production capacity is about 13Mt / a, ABS resin production capacity of 622Mt / a. Development of styrenic resin started in the 1960s, 1970s, industrial production began, in the 1980s with the introduction of several sets of larger production unit began to take shape. In the...