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Extruded sheet application Features - extruded polystyrene sheet prices


What is XPS? 
Insulation boards made ??of several materials, such as: asbestos, polyurethane foam board, XPS board, and the like. XPS board extrusion means a direct way to produce out of the hard polystyrene foam board. XPS, and some other role in the housing plates and other construction and engineering fields is the thermal insulation. In addition, XPS can also be applied in the packaging of goods above. As building energy-saving insulation materials, XPS extruded plate can significantly reduce fuel consumption (ie, oil, gas, etc.) used for heating or electricity. Production process to make these plates owned by small and compact closed molecular structure, this knot closed GB basalt extruded plate xps configuration can make the heat conduction gas is maintained at a very limited space, so as to achieve the insulation effect . This feature also brings to the plate impermeable performance. You can buy XPS in the building materials market. XPS board is also available from the manufacturer that extruded board insulation tiles later years. Different manufacturers, sheet having a color which there are differences, such as: pink, blue or green. 

XPS board application characteristics: 
First, high compressive strength, hot extruded board has 150KPa - 600KPa variety of models to meet various load requirements. Such as: the square ground, roof parking, rooftop tennis court, roof garden, as well as by long-term load platform ground, highway and railway roadbed, etc. 
Second, the superior insulation properties as a thermal insulation material, extruded sheet guide coefficient is less than 0.03w / mk, 70% relative humidity extruded plate in this regard under the obvious degree, extruded sheet in this regard clearly superior to other insulation material and insulation performance over time is very small, after decades of using insulation performance still more than 80% 
Third, good noise performance noise reduction, noise insulation extruded plate unique performance, so you both at the hotel or in the KTV rooms, also, or at home, do not interference and influence others to worry about the outside world, so that this feature is particularly in the home decoration, construction decoration in advantage. 
Fourth, excellent moisture barrier performance, extruded sheet having closely obturator cellular structure of polystyrene molecule itself does not absorb water so that it has excellent resistance to water vapor permeability Handan extruded board , water absorption than normal hair polystyrene foam board about 10 times smaller, only absorb a small amount of water at the initial stage, after it is no longer water; its water vapor permeability than the foamed polystyrene 2-4 times. Therefore, in addition to extruded board can effectively prevent the intrusion of rain and moisture penetration, but also effectively prevent the internal material due to condensation of water, due to thawing and bursting. 
Fifth, good environmental performance, stable chemical properties of extruded plate, less volatile decomposition, mildew; has good corrosion resistance of its high-performance thermal insulation function, can reduce the consumption of natural resources; it produces recyclable solid waste process used in full compliance with the requirements of the world's sustainable development strategy is a new type of environmentally friendly products.

   Polystyrene recycling is an important industry which should be developed rapidly.


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